Going Gold

Dear Engineers, Pilots and Gym Enthusiasts,

I see you.
On Tinder.
A lot.
Too much.

* * * * * *

here I am. Back at it again. This sounds like an awkward introduction. Hahahello.

Last year I wrote a post on my personal experience on Tinder, you can read it here.  Since then, I have only been using Tinder when I got bored, or when I was traveling. I never actually took this app seriously because I was somewhat skeptical about it. 

I didn't really know what brought me to this decision but I was merely curious about how Tinder Gold could change my whole experience. With this subscription, you get to:
  • To match with anyone who likes you instantly
  • Full access to Top Picks, Likes You, Unlimited Swipes
  • Swipe around the world
  • Control your age and distance
  • Control who sees you (only be shown to people you've liked)
  • Unlimited rewinds
  • 1 Free Boost a month
  • Unlimited likes (swipe right as much as you want)
  • 5 free Super Likes a day
  • Turn off Ads

All in all for USD$14.99 per month. Dang, it's super expensive! But I thought, "okay, why not. Just one month!" thus I did it. 

I enjoyed being able to 'virtually' travel around the world. In the beginning, I chose to stick with ASEAN countries because if anything was ever to work out, the distance was just more accessible and cheaper for both of us. So I was in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and then slowly going to Seoul and Tokyo. Ultimately, I was very fond of being in Seoul because of the good looking people there. LOL. For a very short period of time, I also tried being in Europe, Dubai, Australia, and China. 

Since the app is quite slow on my phone, I didn't spend a lot of time going through the stacks and would just normally went through my "Likes" feed. I quite liked this feature. It's being able to know who had swiped on you and made it so much easier to just match with someone. I was utterly disappointed with all the Superlikes I had received because all of them were not my cup of tea. 

I only used free boost twice and it made me pretty anxious because of the time limit and I had to go through the stacks really really fast. I can say it's my least favorite feature. 

When I started using the Gold version, I could see that I had about 400 likes since the first time I've used the app, but I only matched with very very few people because I am obviously a very picky person. Please don't judge me. One month of using the Gold version, and after virtually being in so many countries, this was the number of people who had swiped on me:

6,443 Likes. Yikes. I matched with almost 200 people, where some I purposely matched with. You can tell by the golden heart next to their name. Normally they would be the one to swipe on me first, and then I swiped on them through the Likes feed. 

I didn't initiate conversations with all of them so I still have some 100 users that I haven't chatted with until today. The waiting game is pretty strong here guys. I've had very few decent conversations with some users, and some that I immediately unmatched due to obvious red flags. I also tried to start off a conversation with some guys but they never responded. I don't know if it's the language barrier or they were just lazy. Ghosting is such a common thing on Tinder that it literally doesn't hurt at all. But besides that, I've made very few friends off the app and I ought to be able to meet them someday.  

On unmatching guys, 
I would normally be very honest that I wasn't looking for anything too serious and that I would very much love to get to know someone new. I also wasn't on Tinder for sexual favours, and that I was very clear from my profile. However, 

Tinder can be a scary place, and it's disappointing to learn that sometimes you could get along with someone but they would eventually show their true colours and you just have to unmatch. For instance, this Paddy guy started off as this understanding and funny person, then we stopped chatting for a while. He insisted that we moved the conversation to Whatsapp but I wasn't keen about giving my number. I think that somehow turned him off, and he did unmatch because of my lack of mutual interest (but he's cute though haha).

I've also had guys trying to tell me off for my reasons being on Tinder. From my own observation, there are a lot of people who just wanted to make friends, and there are even people who use tinder to recruit people. Basically, there are so many weirdos there that helped normalise the weirdness in you. You could find married couples or couples looking for threesome, gym guys who looked like they're trying to sell gym membership, shoes, bags, cartoon character, little kids who managed to figure out Tinder, a bunch of lonely engineers and pilots who are very very proud of their job and those who are literally not looking for anything but somehow spends a lot of time on the app. Here are some of the ones I took screenshots of:

So in conclusion,
I wouldn't recommend Tinder Gold for anyone who is like me. If you're very serious about finding someone through the app, or you're going to a place and would like to initiate in conversations with people prior to being there, ya, maybe you can subscribe for a month and see how things go for you. I just honestly find the subscription fee to be way too expensive for the lack of things you can do within the app, for example - you're not able to send images or other files. Instagram DM has a much better feature and smoother transition than Tinder really.

I haven't actively been using Tinder as of late because of how boring I find it to be, but if you by any chance have had any good experiences through this app, please do share!


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